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​​Nigerian Gas Marketing Company (NGMC)​​​


The Nigerian Gas Marketing Company (NGMC) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) incorporated on July 16, 2016 to market and distribute Natural Gas nationally and to regional African markets.  The business of the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC) Limited was restructured in year 2016 consistent with NNPC's business growth.

NGMC has mandate to promote the utilization and monetization of natural gas resources and profitably increase natural gas share of the domestic energy mix through rapid market expansion and strategic partnerships.

NGMC supports Federal Government's drive for industrial and economic development by facilitating cheaper access to energy thereby reducing operating costs and boosting business sustainability. 




NGMC is committed to adding commercial value to natural gas and making it an energy resource of first choice within and outside Nigeria for the benefit of all its Stakeholders.​


To be the preferred Gas Marketing Company to all its present and future customers​.


Respect for the Individual

Staff Development and Growth

Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

Professional Excellence

Customer Satisfaction

Community Friendliness




Market and Distribute Natural Gas to users

Own and manage over 540km gas spur-lines, over 300 direct and indirect customer stations across Nigeria.

Supply gas to over 300 customers across Nigeria for use in cements factories, CNG plants, manufacturing companies, textiles, captives & embedded power companies.

Operate BOT/UJV with partners for Gas Marketing & Distributions


  •  Mentainance  of over  forty (40) direct gas off-take customers with Gas metering stations and associated gas treatment  facilities
  •  Ownership of over 100km of gas distribution networks 
  •  Franchise Agreements with customers such as Gaslink, FALCON and SNG with over 100 customer base.
  •  Highly experienced and skilled personnel​





The following are possible ways on how a potential customer can partner with NGMC for gas supply:

 As a Direct Customer: Customer/Companies requesting for gas supply

  • · The potential customer sends in their letter expressing interest for gas supply to their facility.
  • · A meeting is scheduled to get to know the customer and get more information on the request.
  • · A Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) is filed, and the customer reverts with the completed DDQ with attached documents.
  • · A site visit is scheduled to determine the infrastructure requirements and cost estimate for the gas delivery project.
  • · An economic evaluation is carried out using the cost estimate to determine the viability of the project.  If viable, a   draft GSPA is filed on the customer.
  • · Customer is engaged on possible funding of the delivery pipeline on a Built & Operate (BT) Model or Direct funding by NGMC.
  • · If to be funded by the customer, cost harmonization is carried out by the parties.
  • · Gas delivery project execution commences.

  As a Strategic Partner:

  •  The potential partner sends in their letter expressing interest for gas marketing and distribution partnership with NGMC indicating the possible distribution area of interest.
  • ·A meeting is scheduled to get to know the customer and get more information on their request (possible location of interest, potential off-takers, volume projection, marketing plan, funding arrangement etc.)
  • ·Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) is filed and the customer reverts with the completed DDQ with attached documents.

  • ·A site visit is scheduled to determine the infrastructure requirements, location for the City Gate Station and cost estimate for the distribution project.
  • ·An economic evaluation is carried out using the cost estimate and if viable, a draft IGSPA and a GDA is filed on the customer.
  • ·Potential Partner is engaged on possible funding for the marketing and distribution project on a Build, Operate & Transfer or Unincorporated Joint Venture Model.  Further engagement on the Value share and other commercial issues are also done.
  •  ·Cost harmonization is carried out between NGMC and the strategic partner.
  • · NGMC seeks NNPC TMC's approval of the collaboration.
  • · Project Execution commences.



Why Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is Growing in Importance

  • ·       Cleanest fossil fuel – highly efficient source of energy
  • ·       Its combustion is more environmentally friendly
  • ·       Gas produces close to zero Sulphur dioxide and low levels of nitrogen oxides
  • ·       Cheaper source of energy.


Economic Benefits/Investment Opportunities in the Gas Industry

  •   Embedded and Captive Power Plants
  •   Petrochemical, Methanol and Fertilizer Plants
  •   Gas Distribution Infrastructures
  •   Gas Marketing and Distribution to end- users
  •   Piped Natural Gas for domestic use (households)
  •   Local Fabrication Yards
  •   CNG and LPG Distribution to End users
  •   Mini-LG for Gas Supply to Remote Locations
  •   Pipeline Construction
  •   Investment in Auto CNG.


CRITICAL ACHIEVEMENTS             ngmc4.png

 Completion of Omowood Metering station Project, Ogbere Ogun State (Completed 2012) 


 Completion of BN Ceramics Metering Station Project (completed 2014)



ngmc8.png ngmc9.png

Completion of Gas Supply to Abeokuta Customers (Completed 2015)

ngmcl1.png      ngmcl2.png


Gas Supply to RCCG and CDK Integrated Industry Ltd (Completed 2017)




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