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​Research & Development


Established in 1977 to solve the operational and technical problems of the oil and gas industry through the application of the results of scientific research and the development of technology. R&D has highly qualified personnel and experienced engineers. 

NNPC, R&D is ISO 9001:2000 certified with upgrade to ISO 9001:2008 in progress. R&D is also in the process of obtaining certification for ISO 14000 Environment and ISO 17025 Laboratory accreditations.


MISSION: R & D carries out research, develops technology and provides services to Oil & Gas industries.

VISION: R & D will be a World-Class Petroleum Research Center Driven by Innovation and Quality.​


  1. Development of Capabilities Required For Providing WORLD CLASS Laboratory Services for NNPC Operations 
  2. Undertake in the Short & Medium Term, Specific And Well Articulated Scientific Investigative Work Targeted at Providing Solutions To Indentified Technological And Operational Problems of NNPC. 
  3. Ultimately to mature to be able to undertake scientific developmental work in diverse areas of strategic importance to the technological development of the country.​​



PVT Analyzer

In the upstream sector, our capabilities include:  

  • Basin Analysis
  • Petroleum So​urce Rock Evaluation
  • Seismic Studies
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Biostratigraphic studies
  • Conventional and special core analysis
  • Geochemical and Geophysical studies
  • PVT Analysis
  • Formulation of drilling fluids from local raw materials
  • Formation damage studies
  • Enhanced oil recovery methods, etc.​


Our capabilities here include:
Crude Assay Analyzer

Collaborative Research Services with National Oil Companies (Petrobras, Saudi Aramco,…etc), OPEC, National Government Agencies and Independent Oil Companies (IOC)

New Businesses such as:

  1. Glassblowing production 
  2. Renewable Energy studies on  Biofuels and Solar energy
  • Technical S​ervices to Oil & Gas companies such as:
  • Process Simulation studies using HYSIS
  • Energy optimization studies
  • Energy optimization studies
  • Troubleshooting of plants operational problems
  • Improvement of existing processes and development of new ones
  • New products development in fuels, lubes, bitumen and petrochemicals
  • Natural gas utilization for the production of solvents 
  • Catalysts characterization
  • Environmental research studies and services
  • Toxicological studies
  • Catalysis development 
  • Air monitoring of virgin industrial areas.
  • Petroleum products testing, total crude assay, analytical chemistry, etc.​​


  • Analysis of cores for SPDC, Esso, FES NAPIMS
  • Crude oil assays for KRPC, WRPC, PHRC, ExxonMobil, DPR; Gas evaluation for NGC
  • Atlas Cove remediation/rehabilitation

​Environmental audit for KRPC waste water treatment plant

  • Empirical source rock maturation studies in Chad Basin
  • Sedimentological & Biostratigraphic Analysis of 7 Niger Delta wells
  • Asphaltene studies for ExxonMobil Erha field
  • Flight suitability of NCAT imported aviation gasoline
  • Crude blending to suit quality performance indexes for base-oils production
  • High resolution biostratigraphy of Bonga S.W-3 well in OML 118 offshore Niger Delta for SNEPCO​


  • Crude blending in our refineries
  • Bioremediation of impacted ecosystems
  • Production of Iso octane from Alkylates fraction
  • Benzene hydrogenation to cyclo-hexane on metal-supported catalysts
  • Mathematical modeling of FCC VGO transformation underlying fundamental chemical pathways​


 All Environmental Studies to be carried out in ​​Nigeria​

EIA, PIA, ECM, Remediation, Pollution, Toxicity, etc

  1. Considering EIA:  NNPC Mega Stations, IPP (NPDC), NPDC fields
  2. Toxicity:  Drilling fluid toxic
  3. Bioremediation of sites –collaboration with third party
  • All tests on Crude Oil, Petroleum Products & Gas ​to be done in Nigeria -​Characterization, Evaluation (working with COMD for all exported crude. In 2006 R&D will partake, while 2007 R&D will be sole).
  • All reservoir Studies to be done in Nigeria​ --  Biostratigraphy, Sedimentology

 (a). R&D currently working with SNEPCO,
 (b). R&D is being considered for job with ExxonMobil, and other JVs --  PVT, (new mercury free equipment purchased for R&D). We shall carry out at least 50% of all PVT in Nigeria--  Conventional & Special Core analysis, etc

We are to do 25% of all SPDC

  • All Drilling Fluids to be developed in Nigeria using local raw material
  • lSON, R&D, DPR, NAPIMS, should​​
      • Develop reference laboratories for all tests in Nigeria
      • Accredit laboratories
      • Certify  laboratories
  • Attempt to establish Standardization and accreditation of laboratories in Nigeria for all the relevant services in the industry. 
  • All ​Nigerian Crude should have assay information kept in National Database/Archive/Library
  • All wells should have their cores/drill cuttings preserved for future generation
  • Acreage assessment and Regional Studies
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Undertake studies of particular/selected acreage as identified or requested for by Government 
      • Carry out regional studies on delineated surface and subsurface extent in traditional frontiers
      • Carry out Baseline Studies for each area


  • Biostratigraphic Services in Bolia – 2 well (OML118 & OPL 219) Offshore Niger Delta for SNEPCO 
  • Environmental Compliance monitoring studies for SPDC
  • Crude Oil Assay for NAPIMS, LASER Engineering 
  • Analytical Chemistry services 
  • Hysis evaluation​​


​The structure of NNPC R&D is structured into three departments and headed by Group General Manager (GGM).
REFINING & PETROCHEMICALS (R&P) DEPT: with four sections analytical research & services (ARS), environmental research& services (ERS), process & catalysis (P&C), chromatographic studies section.
EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION (E&P) DEPARTMENT with two sections:  exploration research & services (EXRS), petroleum engineering research & services (PERS)
​AND SUPPORT SERVICES DEPT. Comprises of Human Resources HR, Admin Services, F&A, Materials Management, Technical Services.


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